Legacy Projects are wiki projects about specific series which no longer has any upcoming or ongoing media. It was named after the idea that wikis about series which have ended will continue to function to serve as a legacy to that series. Wikis which are regarded as Legacy Projects belong to the Legacy Projects category in this wiki and are listed below.


Wikis, particularly those about anime series, are often dependent on fresh new media to increase its viewership and overall activity. Whenever it a new anime series adaptation, a manga series, or even the littlest merchandise is released, there is a chance that interested users will flock to the wiki and, eventually, contribute to new content. However, there is always an end to this hype; when both the original media and all other related works have ended or are no longer available, viewership will be affected drastically, and the number of contributions to that wiki will also drop.

However, this decrease of activity is a natural process in all wikis, and can be presented as a challenge to the remaining contributors and to the founder — to attract more users without relying on official media hype.

List of Legacy ProjectsEdit