Starting the Wiki Edit

Main Page Construction Edit

The main page will be the "face" of a wiki, the first thing that visitors will stumble upon on a wiki. Thus, it would be best to focus on the look and feel of the wiki before starting on preliminary articles. Focusing on the main page would also help establish themes that can later be used on the infoboxes used on the wiki.

  • Creating identifier graphics (wordmark, favicon) - Dimensions for wordmark is 250x64 px, favicon is 16x16 px. Wordmarks are in PNG format, favicons are in ICO format.
  • Obtaining introductory information from official sites - Using Wikipedia or obtaining/translating the premise from official sites, create a "What Is" section to introduce readers to the subject
  • Main page
    • Welcome banner - Includes a main page slider and important links to various pages
    • Media links - Lists down media (shows and adaptations) associated with the subject
    • Featured content - Articles and media designated as Featured Article or Featured Media; can be reserved for later
    • Videos and images - Dedicate a space for pictures and videos related to the subject
    • Social media widgets - Widgets from Facebook, Twitter or Discord that lead to communities based on the subject
    • External links - Lists down links to official sites associated with the subject
    • Affiliates - Lists down other wikis the wiki is affiliated with
  • Personalized wiki theme (colors, background image) - A tip: stick to colors used by the official site or media as a convenient way to associate the wiki to the subject

Preliminary Content Edit

  • Article on subject
  • Articles on current existing/ongoing media
  • Articles on characters
  • Articles on terminology/jargon
  • Adding relevant images/videos
  • Customized infoboxes - Using the color schemes used by the wiki's theme, create infoboxes on populated categories like Characters, Episodes, and terminology

Inner Workings Edit

  • Editing MediaWiki:Wikia.css and MediaWiki:Wikia.js
  • Organizing Wiki Navigation
  • Customized Community Messages

Wikis on Legacy Status Edit

  • Replacing Featured Article with Legacy Featured Articles